Your individuality comes from a combination of three basic operating principles (or doshas) found in nature. Known as Vata, Pitta, and Kapha, your constitution, or dosha, determines your unique set of attributes and tendencies. Your dosha (or combination of) also explains your personal requirements for health and happiness, dietary needs, exercise, yoga, meditation and even your ideal climate.

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the bee is a symbol for the Vata Dosha

The Vata dosha is composed of the elements ether and air and is the energy of movement. Those with a Vata nature are enthusiastic, exciting, vibrant and creative, with many interests. They move, speak, and think quickly. When out of balance they feel anxious, overwhelmed and fearful, and may experience physical symptoms including constipation, gas and dryness. They tend to be thin by nature and are sensitive, and often feel cold. Vata types benefit from simple, nourishing food and a regular routine.

Bull is a symbol for the Pitta DoshaPitta
Pitta dosha is primarily made up of the elements fire and water and is the energy of transformation and change. Pitta people are passionate, determined and likely to lead. They can also be described as intense, intelligent and goal-oriented, with a strong appetite for life. They often know where they are headed and go for it. When out of balance, they can get angry, irritated, or burnt out, with physical manifestations of inflammation, heartburn, skin irritations, and other “hot” symptoms. Their usually have a medium build. Highly focused Pitta types need to balance their intense schedules with more leisure time.

Turtle is a symbol for the Kapha DoshaKapha
Kapha dosha is formed from the elements earth and water and is responsible for protection and lubrication of the body. Kapha people are easy-going, loving, nurturing, stable, methodical and trustworthy. Though they may be slow to get started, they always finish strong. Since they enjoy taking care of others, they often take on extra responsibilities. Out of balance, they may feel heavy and slow, with bouts of sleepiness, and depression. Physically strong they may tend toward obesity and are often congested. Kapha types need a spicier diet and stimulating activities.

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