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Are you looking to improve your life? Perhaps you’d like to be more energetic and less stressed. Welcome to Balanced Living. Holly Padove, owner of Balanced Living, has worked in the Healing Arts since 1991, helping people to feel good naturally by showing them how to bring balance to their mind, body and spirit. Her clients become empowered to take charge of their own well-being through natural approaches. Services range from Ayurvedic consultations and workshops, Qi Gong /Yoga classes and Yoga Nidra sessions (guided meditation for deep relaxation) to international retreats. Your path to health and wellness starts today!

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Ayurvedic Services

Ayurveda, the “science of life,” has its roots in India, dating back over 5,000 years. Considered the healing side of yoga, it offers a natural approach to optimal health.

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Classes & Workshops

Relax and stretch into a small, friendly Yoga or Qi Gong class or attend one of our seasonal Ayurvedic workshops for tips on balanced living.

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Join us for one of our amazing destination retreats! You can open your heart and clear your head while building strength and flexibility with a reflective Yoga, Qi Gong and Meditation practice.

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Choose a consultation to discover your constitution and assist you in creating optimal conditions for bringing healing, balance and harmony into your life.

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Healthy Recipes

An Ayurvedic diet is based on an ancient food philosophy that is focused on balance and alignment of the body. Try these healthy Ayurvedic recipes as part of your new balanced lifestyle.

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Happy Customers

I am so grateful for the ways my life has been blessed because of the person you are. Your care and knowledge, gentle spirt and skill help me along my life's path daily...


Thanks for the beautiful energy that you bring to your classes. I am often deeply moved by the yoga and Qi Gong experience that you provide. My body, mind and spirit rejoice with you on the bluffs, under the oaks or wherever you share your gift.


I'm so grateful to you for teaching all of us the amazing gift that is Qi Gong. You have literally changed my life and taught me how to calm, energize and heal myself in a short amount of time. These tips and techniques are so incredible and beneficial...


Thank you for your wonderful teaching and your beautiful spirit, inside and out...


I want to thank you again for giving us personally a class for our recent celebration. You are such a lovely, and inspirational person. We just want to tell you again how enjoyable that was for us!

Annette D.

Qi Gong is doing wonders for my back and shoulders and you are doing wonders for my spirit.


Just wanted to say thank you for these beautiful classes! I enjoyed them so much. You are a skilled teacher with a calm and grateful presence and careful instruction.


This retreat inspired me in so many ways. Since returning home I have started a regular yoga practice and am taking better care of myself. This was my first yoga retreat so I wasn’t sure what to expect, and I had such a positive experience, that I want to attend more. The addition of Qi Gong was icing on the cake. Annie and Holly are wonderful instructors and fabulous retreat leaders. They were well-prepared and had a meaningful theme with handouts for each day. They were available, caring, knowledgeable and fun to be with. I have no doubt that any retreat they plan together will be fabulous.


Costa Rica, 2019

I can’t rave enough about my experience in Costa Rica with Annie and Holly. Hiking, horseback riding, kayaking, yoga and Qi Gong all in one week was idyllic for me. Activities and classes were thoughtfully planned, and I wanted for nothing while on the retreat. I was able to completely relax, and take in all the wonderful nature that surrounded us. It was truly spectacular. No matter your yoga ability or experience, the retreat provided a number of offerings to be enjoyed by all!


Costa Rica, 2019

Thank you Annie and Holly for the amount of countless hours and effort you spent on planning and making this retreat a magical and thoughtful experience for all of us. I arrived at this retreat with a fractured heart and left with a fuller heart and a feeling of joy that I have not had for a while. The love and acceptance I felt from both of you and the other yogi’s I had the honor of meeting, infused me with gratefulness, heart strength, relational connection and a sense of peace. I have been working on being/staying present, vulnerable and this experience launched me into submersion. I am reminded daily by seeing our pictures and getting the notes/messages from the others that I can integrate what I learned into my daily life and just how blessed I am to have had this experience. Here are a couple of examples among many: I remember at one of our morning Yoga sessions where Annie read about being our authentic selves and it brought me to tears. It touched me at a deep level and the way she read it was truly meaningful to me, thank you my dear sweet Annie. And the joy, connection and acceptance I felt when doing activities with Holly were so uplifting and heart warming. I love you both and hold you dear in my heart.


Costa Rica, 2019

I am eternally grateful to you for introducing me to qi gong. Truly, it has changed my life. My qi gong practice is helping me to get through some really tough times right now….



Woke up this morning grateful for all you have taught me…There is so much to notice and learn through the lens of Ayurveda, and of course, put into practice. Thank you for being a gifted practitioner and teacher.



Thank you so very much for your wonderful spirit, kindness support and amazing Ayurvedic meetings.



I am feeling great, lost about 7 pounds now and feeling pretty good. I even did three short guided meditations this week! Thank you so much for making a positive influence on my life. I am really lucky and very appreciative.


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