Summer Food List


Summer Grocery List

Though these are not the only items you can eat, they are the most beneficial foods in the Summer.

·         Eat more foods that are Sweet, Bitter, Astringent / Cold, Heavy, Oily:  such as salads, smoothies, fresh fruit.

·         Eat less foods that are Pungent (Spicy), Sour, Salty / Hot, Light, Dry: such as spicy foods, hot beverages.

Alfalfa Sprouts *Apples *Adzuki Water (room temperature or cool)
*Artichokes *Apricots Bean Sprouts
*Asparagus *Blueberries *Black Gram
Avocados *Cantaloupe *Fava HERB TEA
Bean Sprouts *Cherries (ripe) *Garbanzo *Chicory
*Beet greens *Cranberries Goya *Dandelion
*Bell Peppers Dates Kidney *Hibiscus
*Bitter Melon Dried Fruit Lentils *Mint
*Broccoli Figs Lima
*Cabbage *Grapes *Mungs
*Cauliflower *Guavas *Split Pea SWEETENERS
*Celery *Mangoes *Tofu Maple Syrup (small amounts)
Chicory *Melon (all) Raw Sugar
*Cilantro Nectarines CONDIMENTS Rice Syrup
Collard Greens Oranges (sweet) Carob
Corn Papayas (small amounts) Mayonnaise
*Cucumbers *Peaches (ripe and/or peeled)   NUTS & SEEDS
*Dandelion *Pears Almonds
Eggplant *Persimmons OILS *Coconut
Endive *Pineapple (sweet) Almond Flax
*Fennel *Plums (ripe) Avocado Macadamias
Green Beans *Pomegranates (sour) Canola Pinon
*Jicama *Raspberries *Coconut *Pumpkin
*Kale *Strawberries Flax *Sunflower
*Lettuce Tangerines (sweet) *Olive
Mushrooms *Soy DAIRY
Mustard Greens MEATS Sunflower Butter
*Okra Beef (moderation) Ghee Cheese (moderation)
Parsley Chicken Cottage Cheese
Peas Duck (moderation) *Ghee
Pumpkin Eggs (moderation) SPICES Ice Cream
*Radishes (moderation) Freshwater Fish Anise *Milk
*Seaweed Lamb (moderation) Asafoetida *Rice/Soy Milk
*Snow Peas Pork *Chamomile  
Spinach (moderation) Shrimp (moderation) *Coriander
*Squash, Acorn Turkey Cumin
Squash, Winter Fennel
Sweet Potatoes GRAINS Peppermint  

Learn more about the

 seasonal diet in

“The 3-Season Diet”

by Dr. John Douillard

Swiss Chard *Barley Saffron
Tomatoes (sweet) Oat Spearmint
Turnip Greens *Rice
*Watercress Rye
*Zucchini Wheat

January 29, 2016