Peak Fitness High Intensity Exercising – Less Time exercising for better results!

Peak Fitness High Intensity Exercising – Less Time exercising for better results!

Anyone Interested in Exercising for less time and more results!  I’ve recently added this to my routine, and will let you know how it works for me.  (This is courtesy of Dr. John Douillard)


Choose a form of cardiovascular exercise to practice using the 12-Minute Workout prompts below.
This can be walking, jogging, riding a bike or using a cardio machine. It can also be jumping jacks, running
up and down stairs, jumping on and off a curb.

12-Minute Workout
Step 1: Warm Up
Exercise slowly for 2 minutes while breathing deeply in and out through
your nose.

Step 2: Sprint
Start exercising faster, like a mini sprint, for 1 minute. Using the nasal breath
during the sprint will keep you from overexerting yourself. Don’t push it here.
Start slow and build yourself up to a faster sprint over time. Try to do a sprint
pace that you can maintain for one minute. In a couple of weeks, you’ll be
sprinting like a pro.

Step 3: Recovery
Slow the exercise down to the warm-up pace for one minute, maintaining
the nasal breathing if you can.

Step 4: Second Sprint
Start another sprint for one minute. Make this a little faster than the first
sprint if you can.

Step 5: Second Recovery
Recover from the sprint with one minute of deep nasal breathing at the
warm up pace. If you cannot maintain nasal breathing during the recovery,
it’s an indication that the sprint was too hard. With each sprint, it will get

Step 6: Continue Sprints and Recoveries
Continue sprints and recoveries for a total of 4 sprints and 4 recoveries.
Follow the nasal breathing if you can.

Step 7: Cool Down
Repeat Step 1. Exercise at the warm up pace, gradually slowing down, for
2 minutes.

More details:

The 12-Minute Workout is based on the principles of heart rate variability – which aims to strengthen
the heart by increasing the difference between the resting heart rate and maximum heart rate during
If you don’t yet have an established exercise routine, the 12-Minute Workout is a fabulous start.
Here are some of the benefits:
? Increase fat metabolism
? Calm the nervous system and mind
? Support healthy glucose and insulin levels
? Increase calorie burning
? Boost energy
? Create a sleeker, stronger, and more toned physique
? Enhance sex drive
? Improve lymphatic drainage, leading to healthier skin and detoxification
? Amplify exercise endurance and performance
? Raise human growth hormone – which may be responsible for all of the above