Summer Food List to Cool Your Body and Mind

Summer Food List to Cool Your Body and Mind

Summer Grocery List
Though these are not the only items you can eat, they are the most beneficial foods in the Summer.

·         Eat more foods that are Sweet, Bitter, Astringent / Cold, Heavy, Oily:  such as salads, smoothies, fresh fruit.

·         Eat less foods that are Pungent (Spicy), Sour, Salty / Hot, Light, Dry: such as spicy foods, hot beverages.

Alfalfa Sprouts *Apples *Adzuki Water (room temperature or cool)
*Artichokes *Apricots Bean Sprouts
*Asparagus *Blueberries *Black Gram
Avocados *Cantaloupe *Fava HERB TEA
Bean Sprouts *Cherries (ripe) *Garbanzo *Chicory
*Beet greens *Cranberries Goya *Dandelion
*Bell Peppers Dates Kidney *Hibiscus
*Bitter Melon Dried Fruit Lentils *Mint
*Broccoli Figs Lima
*Cabbage *Grapes *Mungs
*Cauliflower *Guavas *Split Pea SWEETENERS
*Celery *Mangoes *Tofu Maple Syrup (small amounts)
Chicory *Melon (all) Raw Sugar
*Cilantro Nectarines CONDIMENTS Rice Syrup
Collard Greens Oranges (sweet) Carob
Corn Papayas (small amounts) Mayonnaise
*Cucumbers *Peaches (ripe and/or peeled)   NUTS & SEEDS
*Dandelion *Pears Almonds
Eggplant *Persimmons OILS *Coconut
Endive *Pineapple (sweet) Almond Flax
*Fennel *Plums (ripe) Avocado Macadamias
Green Beans *Pomegranates (sour) Canola Pinon
*Jicama *Raspberries *Coconut *Pumpkin
*Kale *Strawberries Flax *Sunflower
*Lettuce Tangerines (sweet) *Olive
Mushrooms *Soy DAIRY
Mustard Greens MEATS Sunflower Butter
*Okra Beef (moderation) Ghee Cheese (moderation)
Parsley Chicken Cottage Cheese
Peas Duck (moderation) *Ghee
Pumpkin Eggs (moderation) SPICES Ice Cream
*Radishes (moderation) Freshwater Fish Anise *Milk
*Seaweed Lamb (moderation) Asafoetida *Rice/Soy Milk
*Snow Peas Pork *Chamomile  
Spinach (moderation) Shrimp (moderation) *Coriander
*Squash, Acorn Turkey Cumin
Squash, Winter Fennel
Sweet Potatoes GRAINS Peppermint  

Learn more about the

 seasonal diet in

“The 3-Season Diet”

by Dr. John Douillard

Swiss Chard *Barley Saffron
Tomatoes (sweet) Oat Spearmint
Turnip Greens *Rice
*Watercress Rye
*Zucchini Wheat