Why Travel to a Yoga/Qi Gong Retreat?

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Why Travel to a Yoga/Qi Gong Retreat?

Yes, you can attend a local yoga or qi gong class on every day, but the moment you get home, it’s time to make dinner and pick up the house…diminishing the good vibes you felt after class. The hurried routine of daily life in our culture simply wears you down.  Attending regular classes certainly helps, however a retreat takes it to a whole other level.

When looking up the word “retreat” in the thesaurus, similar words include departure, sanctuary, and move away.  In the context of a Yoga/Qi Gong retreat, you could say that you are departing from your typical patterns and ruts, and towards the sanctuary of a week-long practice. The week catapults you into a mindset of new possibilities as you explore how to gracefully ride your wave of life.

The positive influence of a retreat go way beyond a typical vacation, where you may simply be looking for an escape, especially from yourself. As the Buddhist saying goes “Wherever you go, there you are.” There are so many retreats to choose from these days, some more thoughtful than others. The more profound week-long teachings encourage and inspire us to dive deep into ourselves, beyond the clutter of an overactive mind. When the body becomes relaxed and flexible, the mind follows suit. The retreats that I lead intentionally and gently help you to access insights for a life-changing sense of perspective, clarity and calm.

On that note, I will be co leading a retreat to Panama with Annie Elson E-RYT-500, December 5-11,2021. It seamlessly blends separate ingredients– an adventure to a beautiful, exotic locale; camaraderie with like-minded people; healthy, prepared meals; independent time to relax, explore or kayak/surf the warm waters; and an intensive focus on Yoga and Qi Gong to open up the mind, body and consciousness.  Together, the ingredients provide a powerful and nourishing elixir, allowing you to tap into your more relaxed, happy self. Once there, you are way more receptive to the teachings offered.

Why is traveling so enticing? You are naturally in a more receptive state when traveling. When I travel I feel excited and free. This feeling is amplified when combined with reflective practices.  How do I know that I arrived there? I feel joyful, and light, like a kid, yet wise and centered like an old soul. This is when you start to create a new reality for yourself.

Plus, when we retreat with like-minded people for a week, we generate a palpable synergy together that enhances each individual’s experience. You’ll find more comfort in riding the wave of life, with all its ebbs and flows once you return home as well.

Our retreat invites you to drop in a bit deeper each day until you are joyfully riding the barrel of your own wave, discovering your own raw power and beauty. Will you join us in Panama December 5-11? There are only a few spots remaining!